Drive By Reviews: Taint on Religion

Hello Dear Followers,

Today I will be taking an in depth look at “Taint on Religion” by Queen of Spades.


Taint on Religion


Queen of Spades

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Natasha was taught three things: to love God, to love herself and to always go to church. When a sea of tragedy strikes in her youth, she strays from the path of God. Realizing the error of her ways, she seeks redemption in her adult years. Reverend Jamison and his church looks to be the answer to her prayers. Yet when things in the dark come to the light, Natasha is faced with a tough decision. Does she stay silent with her discovery or does she dare put a taint on religion?


My Thoughts:

There are so many things that I want to say about this story. It has an incredible amount of layers which makes this story incredibly intense.

The plot automatically pulled me in with it’s irrevocably enticing storyline. You have a girl—Natasha—that has had a hard life but was bought up with strong morals and absolute faith. At one point in her life she veers from that which she was indoctrinated and things become unbearable, somehow leading her back.

Having made the decision to return to the path of righteousness Natasha comes across Rev Jamison’s church. Immediately the subservient Reverend takes notice in Natasha and opts to help her on a one on one basis in the walk of the Lord.

In all accounts, I have to say that I was stricken with awe. It was not necessarily because it was an exceptionally written book (which it was) but because of the conjunction to human emotion. This story examines the imperfection that is the human condition and the fact that most people, at their core, are flawed no matter how “religious” they are.

I could not help but sit in unmitigated self-consideration after having finished this story. I pondered on what it would be like to be Natasha. I also speculated as to how I would act in her situation. In so doing I realized that I might not have done things any differently than she, and that society would possibly treat me just as they did Natasha. This is a sad thing to come to terms with because one sometimes wants to believe that people are good, yet how many times do we find out that that is not always the case.

Life is hard, people are complex, but when things run a muck is refuge found in the solace that religion brings, or is it best to find strength in your own abilities? These are the things that “Taint on Religion” brings to the forefront for your independent consideration.

Without a doubt, a book of self-reflection and a call to reality.

Suffice it to say that “Taint on Religion” is a book that many should be reading. It can, without question, teach us all something.

5 Stars!



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