Drive By Review: Lilith’s Dominion by Y. Correa

Greetings Followers,

I pray that your day going well. As always, thank you for stopping by as it is always my sincerest pleasure to entertain you with my thoughts. I realize it’s been a small while since I’ve posted a Drive By Review here, so today I will share my thoughts on “Lilith’s Dominion” by my mentor, publisher and friend, Y. Correa.

Please be advised that my thoughts are not influenced by our connection, but genuine in every way.


For your consideration …

LD Cover for KindleLilith’s Dominion by Y. Correa

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When Lilith fails to comply with the plans of Man and The Creator, she is punished to an existence that costs her the fruits of humanity. Every moment becomes a never ending spin cycle of memories mirroring profound loss, recalcitrant rage, and immeasurable suffering.

During a Halloween party at the Arcadia Chateau, the blue-green eyed brunette Jet leaves an impression which shatters the equilibrium of Lilith’s cloud of darkness. Is this a temporary aggravation or the start of a much needed resurrection—the fire of love in a heart iced with hurt?


My Thoughts:

As of late, I’ve been experimenting with genres that are outside of my comfort zone. I’ve opted to do this in the hopes to expand my literary horizons and perhaps learn something along the way. One never knows what treasures one might be missing by pigeon-holing oneself. Therefore, in the venture to broaden my bookish/scholarly scope, I’ve endeavored to reach into perimeters that I wouldn’t have normally entertained.

As part of this, I opted to not just spread the word about the release of “Lilith’s Dominion” but also read it. I must say that I was not let down.

Ms. Correa has an innate way of capturing the readers from the first page, sometimes, the first line. “Lilith’s Dominion” was no exception.  While, from the first paragraph I was hooked, the proverbial “hook, line and sinker” was this:

The sound of a single long nail clicking against a hardwood table was all that could be heard in the room. Why? Because all of the noise and commotion was in her head.

Voices, memories, flashing thoughts. Chaos! Nothing more and nothing less.

The upsurge of rampant thoughts caused her mouth to slap with thirst—suck her teeth in upheaval. Lilith’s thirst was soon to be quenched, she was certain. She’d already made the preparations. Yet, the riot that was Lilith’s unending trail of assaulting musings would probably never be quelled.

Such a powerful image, that. Immediately, the notion of a disturbed woman, angry at the world and ready for vengeance formed in my mind’s eye and I wanted nothing more than to find out how this would be executed.

To my surprise the story was more about Lilith’s rediscovery of herself and the turbulent path to get there. The ending was a shocker, and I was more than a little surprised when it came to pass. Perhaps my favorite part of this novelette were the interesting twists that the author implemented in regards to biblical mythology. Compelling, captivating and even humorous, “Lilith’s Dominion” isn’t a book that the lover of vampire/paranormal romance wants to miss out on. Trust me when I tell you that this is a book YOU WANT to read.


Thank you again for stopping by. Cheers and all the best.



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