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Perhaps, it is the spirit of the upcoming holidays. Whatever the case, it has come to my attention that there will be several books coming available within the next few days for free. Most of them, written by close and, dare I say, incredibly talented colleagues. I must note, that among said freebies will be my own publications, “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity“.

I will not take up too much of your precious time and provide you with the list of Free Titles and their respective links.

Available from November 28th, 2017 – December 3rd, 2017

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So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Please enjoy and spread the word.


Wonderful Book Release


Greetings, and thank you for joining us in the phenomenal yearly celebration, that we call, “Concordant Vibrancy’s Book Release”. Every year, thus far, we’ve had an amazing collection of authors collaborate in narrating their interpretations of that year’s theme question.


The very first Concordant Vibrancy revolved around the theme of Unity, represented by the element of earth. In that collection we had amazing talents come together to bring us stories like “Butterfly Mask”, “Lester’s Release” and “Coalesce”.


The 2nd installment of Concordant Vibrancy, called Vitality, was focused the question, “What moves your spirit?” This was embodied by the element of wind. In this remarkable collection we had the combined components of literature and essays, some of which were, “An Ocean of Questions”, “Arvum” and “Letting Inspiration Take The Wheel”.


Today, we present the 3rd installment of Concordant Vibrancy, called Lustrate, which is exemplified by water.


What embodies the composition of fluidity?

This is the query of the third installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, presented by All Authors Publications & Promotions, entitled “Lustrate”.

Nine incredible writers unite—through a combination of poetry, essays, and short stories—to produce unique responses flowing with vitality.

Works include:

Unsui” by Harmony Kent
Exiled” by Carol Cassada
The Satiationship” by Synful Desire
Twin Planets” by Y. Correa
Threes” by Queen of Spades
Luster Lingers” by Adonis Mann
The Boo Thang Convention” by C. Desert Rose
Overcome (Holy Water)” by Beem Weeks
The Bunny” by Da’Kharta Rising

You can go out and get your copy today!

With Concordant Vibrancy there is something for everyone.

cooltext225596051439232On Kindle

Or Paperback

Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity

Greetings. 🙂

Commencing this blog post as though in the middle of a conversation …

One of my favorite pieces from the upcoming “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” is a story I wrote called “Tyronian Rapture“.


Tyronian Rapture” is a historical LGBT Erotic Romance. Focusing on Meredith, a young white well off women who is enraptured by Regina, the black daughter of the family’s house servant.

This piece, whiles short is very powerful because of the story inside of the Erotica. This is a story of secret love which it vexed twofold; the fact that it is lesbian love, and the fact that it is also interracial love. Two times the taboo.

Please, enjoy this excerpt. I pray that you enjoy it.

Cool Text Excerpts 169573003201951

Tyronian Rapture

By: Adonis Mann

© Adonis Mann & All Authors Publishing House

line-dividerSummer 1841

Victorian England

Cherry Blossom petals from a tree procured in Japan carried adrift with the breeze, the smell of humidity and grass rode past, wafting across beautiful Regina’s face and all I could do was sit and stare. She was lovely in every sense of the limited word, for her resplendence was akin to a celestial being. An angel, to be sure. Like none I had ever laid eyes upon. She took my breath away, and I was content to let her.

Her large eyes, chocolatey. Her skin, like the finest grade of caramel. Her unwieldy, black curls pulled to the back of her head in a bun. And the conundrum lie in my desire to see them lose and entangled in my hands. A coveting more trenchant than my knowledge that it was ungodly. I was captured by my dear Regina’s beauty. Her full lips longed to be licked, while I imagined that her smooth skin and voluptuous curves yearned to be caressed.

From a distance I basked in her allurement, secretly—watching as she picked the wild flowers from the field in order to prepare a centerpiece for our dinner table for tea. If I could walk through the window ajar as a phantom, then as a phantom I would delight in her existence.

The impasse, my predilection. The penchant to fancy the reprobate. And, whilst my heart and mind remained enthralled by my point of desire, my body lay captive inside of this wretched place.

“Meredith,” Mother called, startling me from my hypnosis, Regina. Such was the effect she had on me. In my dreams I touched every inch of her exquisite dark sheath, then kissed every fraction, ensuring to not miss a spot.

“Meredith, child, come here. Must you always sit there like a proper simpleton, staring upon nothingness? Come here at once!”

“Yes mother,” I replied as I lowered my head to the ground in reverence of her heed. A curtsey followed.

“Mary, do you see this here?” Mother asked Regina’s mother, the head handmaiden of our family home. Their family had been with ours for years, therefore a trusted lot. “This child is so restless and overzealous …” Mother indirectly reprimanded, addressing Mary while speaking of me, then ending her admonition with a tsk. “Meredith, why do you trot about like a boy? ‘Tis not the proper behavior for a lady.”

My reply was a humble shrug, and the lowering of my eyes to the ground. Mother never knew when to vacate a subject, therefore continued with her vexing drivel, concluding her parlance with a “… would you please sew it, darling? Thank you.” the statement was followed by a flip of the wrist in dismissal of sweet Mary whom then left the room.

line-dividerI sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this excerpt as much as I’ve enjoyed writing the story. I pray that you are ready and willing to give “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” as shot once it is released this winter.

Until soon,


A Group for LGBT Authors and Readers

Hello all and Happy New Year 2016!

It is so wonderful to connect with you all on this new year, and even more wonderful to realize that we have yet another year to make our dreams come true.


Today, I was browsing Google+ an Facebook for “Groups/Communities” to join that would help provide exposure to my works. What I found troubled me. There are little to no Groups/Communities on Facebook and Google+ for LGBTQIA books and book lovers. The ones that I did find do not give much leeway for authors and readers to connect, or for authors to promote their works.

After browsing and thinking about the situation deeply, and knowing that perhaps I am doing a bit too much, I opted to create a Group for said purpose. And, so I did.

I would like to introduce you to “LGBT Bookworms“, a Facebook group for authors and readers alike.

LGBT Bookworms


My hope is that this group will acquire a life of its own and people within the community—as well as others that enjoy the literature—might commune, mingle and celebrate our love for the genre.


I am blogging about this in the hopes that you help me spread the word and get people involved.

Thank you for your time and all the best.

Regards and love,

Adonis Mann

New Release by Synful Desire



Title: Alan, Fay and Demona: Preludes of Prism 1
Author: Synful Desire
Publisher: All Authors Publishing House
Genre: Contemporary Fiction based on True Events
Release Date: November 17th, 2015


What happens when passion blinds reason? The ardent fire of desire meets the shocking and harsh blows of reality in this Prelude of Prism. The convoluted relationships of three individuals morph into a rainbow of disarray.



4:08 AM

It was that moment when it hit home. My life was to be forever altered. The realization poured over me, as wet as the bottom bedroom sheet became. I almost screamed, first believing it was done. However, when I discovered the substance was just water, my fright tapered off slightly.

The bag was already packed. The telephone numbers already on standby. Now for the tough part: waking up the man—no, young boy—responsible for this predicament.

“Alan wake up.” His response was a moan, the wrinkling of his nose and switching from lying on his back to on his side, away from me.

Agitated, I slapped his face. He bolted upright ready to retaliate but lowered his hand as soon as he realized it was me.

“Fay what the hell d’ya hit me for?” He slurred.

“We’ve gotta get to the hospital! My water broke.”

Alan sprung into action. He notified the hospital, trying not to show his panic as he loaded the prepped satchel into the car and guided me into the passenger’s seat.


It’s Friday The 13th! Come get this book!

Cool Text Friday the 13th_ Book Release 147683353901945skar-cov-redoneTitle: Simi’s Komma: Amplified Reminiscence
Author: Da’Kharta Rising
Publishing House: All Authors Publishing House
Genre: New Adult Dark Drama
Release Date: Friday, November 13th, 2015

Cool Text Blurb_ 147684680233004

Papyrus is a small town that’s not a fan of anything different. Here we meet four long time friends.
Hiphen is known for being highly observant one. Rod is known as the go with the flow type. Point is a tomboy of sorts that takes action and asks questions later. Simi is the leader of the squad who has a maturity beyond his years.

When transfer student Komma Plush arrives, Simi takes it upon himself to show her the ropes of a new town yet at first Komma is highly hesitant. What follows takes Simi on an incredible journey that not only threatens his friendships but also the balance of Papyrus.

S.K.A.R. not only takes into account the previously released rendition of Simi’s Komma but fast forwards to follow the life of the friends and the town.

Why? Because some scars never heal.

Cool Text Excerpt_ 147684801777126

Welcome to Papyrus

Two evergreen trees sat on either side of Sentence Avenue. In front of one of the trees was a blue-gray marble sign. Shiny gold words were embossed on the sign’s surface. It read: Welcome to Papyrus.

Papyrus was like any small town. Sentence Avenue was the one major street. If one was to ask a local for his address, he may not be able to tell you the name of his street. He’d probably say “two roads off of Sentence” or he would name a landmark just on the outskirts. Sometimes, even the GPS would get confused. That was a testament to the small construction of Papyrus.

No one would have taken note of this town if it weren’t for what occurred. There has been so much speculation—the main one being motive.

Did things really have to turn out this way?

No, Hiphen wasn’t featured on Dateline NBC. No money was offered by any magazines (tabloids included) or any enticement of a book deal. The record had to be set straight by someone who was actually there and knew the people involved. Hiphen was that connection. It is for that reason alone he granted me permission to share his story with the world.

This is where my intro ends and his story begins.


Come savor the drama.
Read “S.K.A.R.” by Da’Kharta Rising.


Just Out!



Today, we would like to congratulate Author C. Desert Rose on the release of …




Even the moon has secrets …

Traversing the globe—from Louisiana, USA to New Zealand—on an enterprise to discover the hidden secrets of the moon, Nethanyel finds that everything may not be as it seems. Accompanied by a consequential companion named Jax, Nethanyel is taken to a place … even a time … that he would have never expected.
Set in the year 1940, is Nethanyel’s Lady Lune exploration, fate or both?


“Bartender …?” Nethanyel called, his voice drenched in the quintessential inflection of the Bayou—a collective accentuation of English, French and Creole. Tapping his glass twice on the counter he indicated that he wanted a refill. Nethanyel was a quiet person; always collected and controlled. Wise men were strong, calm and reticent, or so his father had taught him. Nevertheless, Nethanyel preferred to be that way, for in a multitude of words sin does not lack.

The bartender turned to Nethanyel, slipping him another drink. It was at a moment like this—when he could sit quietly to enjoy his drink—that Nethanyel thanked the heavens that he was a mere child during the Prohibition. Now, a man could enjoy a hard drink after a long day’s work.

Nethanyel could hear someone stumbling in, drunk and disorderly. This was nothing new. Things like this happened in bars all the time. What happened next was new however. The man who had barged in obnoxiously called, “Bartender, pour me a cold one, would ya?” Nethanyel considered that the man had a funny accent, but could not place it and furthermore said nothing. He didn’t so much as turn around to acknowledge the drunken bastard.

The bartender poured the stranger his drink, as the man came waltzing over to sit right next to Nethanyel. “You’re not from around here.” the bartender commented matter-of-factly.

“No, my good man. Indeed I’m not,”

“Where from?”

“Far from here, my good sir. Oceans away …” he said as he extended his arm, waving it in one large circle towards the horizon.

“That didn’t answer my question,” the bartender was an older man. I’m too damn old to play “name that accent” with this fool, thought the bartender. So he kept his conversations straight and to the point.

“Ah, well,” the odd stranger commented with a subtlety that made the words slip off his tongue, “I am from New Zealand, mate.”

“Why you callin’ me ‘mate’? You don’t even know me.” the bartender said in an unvarnished tone then turned his back to the drunkard.

Feeling the awkwardness of the moment the man’s eye shot to the floor and then looked around the room, lifting his glass to whom ever made eye contact with him. Tilting his body’s weight into Nethanyel, he murmured, “Lively crowd we got here.” sarcasm absolute.

“Mhm.” Nethanyel hummed. Why must idiots like this insist on bugging me? Nethanyel pondered, then attempted to turn away from the man. No luck.

“Well …” the man huffed “it must be the weather then,” thinking his comeback was funny. It wasn’t. Extending his hand towards Nethanyel and offering a handshake, the inebriated man attempted to introduce himself. Nethanyel was in no mood for chit-chat, formalities, or anything of the sort. Nethanyel grabbed his drink, offering his back as a response to the drunk nitwit’s attempt.

Not catching on to the hint, the inebriated fellow maneuvered his already extended hand to Nethanyel’s shoulder and patted it, then continued with his conversation, “Jax here. Nice to meet you.” Then intentionally talked through his teeth, “Not that I actually met you, or anybody else for that matter. Wow! And I thought that Louisiana was a friendly place. You know? Considering the Mardi Gras and all.”

By now Nethaniel was very uncomfortable, so he stood up, taking his drink along with him and sat a few feet away. Attempting to find a new chatting partner Jax, the intoxicated New Zealander, turned to the bartender once more and asked cynically, “So are parties this lively all the time?”

“Just about.” the bartender replied with a nod. Noticing that Jax wasn’t going to give up on trying to form conversation he asked, “What brings you to Louisiana? It’s not Mardi Gras season.”

“Yes, yes. That I’m well aware of, mate. I’ve actually come to America to do some research. Louisiana, is merely where the boat docked. So, here I am. Tah-dah!

“Oh.” was all the bartender replied, not once asking Jax to elaborate. Truth be told, he wasn’t even interested.

Jax continued, “You see, I’m doing some research on the moon. There is an old legend where I’m from that talks about the moon. However, I’m told that there are more resources here than there are back home. I intend on finding those resources and taking full advantage of them. The moon really is quite interesting, actually.”

Nethanyel’s ears tuned into Jax’s conversation. The moon? Yeah, that’s what he said, Nethanyel thought. Picking up his glass he walked back over to Jax.


Want more?

Then come and get your copy of “Nethanyel’s Lady Lune” by Author C. Desert Rose!