Meet Synful Desire of All Authors

Greeting my dearests,

Once again I have the pleasure of bringing you yet another member of the All Authors Family. I’ve worked with her hand in hand, and I know her personally. I’m pleased to say she is a close friend, an amazing person and a great Sister in the field.

Meet … Synful Desire.



Author Bio

Motto: “Surrender is Liberation.”

Synful Desire surrenders herself to write whatever resides in her mind. More often than not, these things laugh and rebel against what is accepted in society. She believes there are readers who yearn for something more, whether it is a different twist on an old narrative or advocacy of out the box situations.

Her current works include:

Continuous Drips
(with Queen of Spades and Da’Kharta Rising)
Concordant Vibrancy: Unity (All Authors Publishing House)
Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink #1 (All Authors Publishing House)
Alan, Fay & Demona (Preludes of Prism, #1)
H.E.R. (Handy: Extended Release)
Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet (with Adonis Mann)
Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality (All Authors Publishing House)

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If one is the type of reader that doesn’t mind a bit of narrative twists, along with some heat here and there, Synful Desire is the author that fits the bill.


From “Return to Hues”, featured in Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality


Somewhere Out There

If one knows nothing else about me, know this: my least favorite hue is gray. I find it to be lifeless and useless. Yet it is all I am surrounded by … no, imprisoned by.

I ask every day if there were any iridescence before this. No one wants to give me an answer. Worse, I get the look of disapproval. How am I supposed to learn if no one wants me to have knowledge?

If my elders won’t tell me, I will seek it myself, even if it means traveling those other crevices of my world. I just crave a different existence … than this.


My ears began twitching. The sound was one I couldn’t quite place. It didn’t sound as if it were of this world. All I knew was that it was getting closer.

There was a flash of different hues … hues that weren’t gray. When I reached to study them in detail, these four ovals advanced past me. I hurried my gait but they had the upper hand, dallying over where gray disappeared and black remained.

All the elders warned against this part of the world. However, objects that never appeared before were in my sights and had decreased speed where black remained. This could be a phenomenon that might never occur again.

It was the most excitement I’ve had in centuries. No, scratch that … ever!

I would not squander this chance!

Already physically drained, I closed my orbs, willing the body to grant me proximity to the weird objects.  Soon, I was a few feet away. The sound I heard earlier were them bumping into each other. My digits rubbed the texture of each oval. Each thing was smooth and images were reflected off each one. Were the images in the ovals what made them so plump? I squeezed the one with the darkest shade and a pop echoed in the darkness.

A soft hum intensified into a cacophonous screech. My rondures darkened as gashes surfaced on my outer covering.

What had I done?


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Meet Da’Kharta Rising of All Authors

Greeting Dear Followers,

Today I have the privilege to introduce you to one of the members of All Authors Publishing House. Gothic as she might be, she is a talented person with myriad of prowess. With that said, brace yourself for the dark genius that is Ms. Da’Kharta Rising.

Da’Kharta, the floor is yours.


Hey Don, you sure it is a good idea, letting me of all people crash your rainbow pad? All right, so be it. Since I’m here, do you mind if we do something a bit different? I’m not a fan of routine and really no shade on the rest of your guests but this spot needs a bit more … um, strange things.

DR.New.Logo2Six Things to Know About Me

  1. I don’t consider myself multi-genre but my publisher has anointed me as such. I mainly write dark drama and horror but with the Transcendent Choice series, I fooled around and landed knee deep in some paranormal type stuff.
  2. My fashion palate consists of dark makeup and dark clothes—preferably a goth/grunge/ steampunk mashup.
  3. I have an admiration for sharp, shiny objects.
  4. I have a twisted view of what represents justice.
  5. I know I’m not everyone’s sip of beverage, yet when I say I really could give sixty-six cents, it’s no act—I actually mean it.
  6. Sales are nice but a story delivered my way is the currency I’d rather have line my cargo pockets.

Six Myths Debunked

  1. Da’Kharta is totally antisocial.

I’m not fully anti-social. I just don’t mingle with jackasses, dumb asses, shallow asses, stuck up asses, gossipy asses, or fake asses. If that means that over half of the population is eliminated, so be it.

  1. Da’Kharta only emerges at night, never during the day.

Yes, I am awake during the day, but you won’t find me in hot or bright areas. I like feeling cold wind, and unless it’s produced by x-rated activity, I wrinkle my nose at the sight of my own sweat.

  1. Da’Kharta places a 90 minute time limit on chatting with others.

My time limit on social interaction is not 90 minutes. I can usually go for 120 minutes before I retire to my regularly scheduled solitude.

  1. Da’Kharta never outlines any of her works prior to writing them.

Whoever spread the rumor that I don’t outline only got the story half correct. When it’s a narrative that has lots of parts, like the Transcendent Choice series, outlining is a necessity to make sure that everything that should go in does go in. It’d be my luck … I go too far off the cusp and what is on the screen doesn’t make a lick of sense.

  1. The Asylum has never been opened to outsiders.

I have opened up my spot to others. The first time was last May as part of Short Story Month but a few people just couldn’t follow directions. Also, time and time again, I’ve extended the invite for the public to participate in my Round Table. Usually, it’s the same people but it’d be cool to get some fresh ink. It doesn’t faze me but people need to quit saying I don’t open the Asylum ever.

  1. She never reads any genres besides the ones she writes in.

Although I prefer sticking to dark drama and horror, there are times I take a gamble and read other things. However, I really have to be wowed in order to pick it up … like the blurb has to make me go “what the hell” … in a good way. Also, I have to be engaged within the first ten pages. I don’t have that much patience. If the question “What happens next?” doesn’t fire off in that time frame, I sit the book down. I don’t know how these people perform assigned reads—in my existence, life is entirely too short to read crap.

line-dividerskarThank you, Da’Kharta for having stopped by. To connect with Da’Kharta or purchase her book “Simi’s Komma: Amplified Reminiscence” visit these link:

Author Website




Copyright Da’Kharta Rising and All Authors Publishing House

All was good with our party of four until she arrived.

It was the start of our tenth grade year. We all ended up having English together but we weren’t too crazy about the teacher. Don’t get me wrong, Mrs. Benkowski knew her stuff but she lacked a certain charisma to get us excited about our studies. It was great Rod, Point, and Simi could entertain me through the boredom.

Mrs. Benkowski rapped her fists against the cherry wood desk. She cleared her throat and the class quieted down.

“I hope everyone had a terrific summer. We have a new student so I want you make her feel welcome. Her name is Komma Plush.”

“Hi everyone!” She exclaimed as she made contact with the expanse of the room.

I heard slight hisses from the other females. They saw Komma as competition.

They had a right to be worried.

Komma’s brown hair fell in perfect waves and stopped just above her breast bone. Her eyes were big yet inviting. Her nose was petite with a parade of freckles outlining its bridge. The light pink of her freckles matched the hue of her slightly plump lips. My eyes hadn’t even surmised her figure as she walked by.

Apparently other people had.

“Look at that rack!” One classmate exclaimed. “I wonder if they are real.”

“Her stomach looks so fit,” chimed in another. “What is her workout regiment?”

“What white girl you know has that much ass?” Asked yet another. “She must be getting those injections I read about in Cosmo.”

I almost missed Point nudging me in the shoulder. “Komma’s going to have a rough day. These chics have their claws out already.”

“Tell me about it,” Rod added. “I wonder if she’s as pretty inside as she is on the outside.”

“Yeah, me too.” Simi whispered. His eyes had followed Komma from where she stood to where she had taken her seat. There was a look of intensity we had never witnessed before. “Maybe we should officially introduce ourselves later.”

We all nodded in agreement. Besides, we could give Komma a heads up about some of the kids at school.

English class flew by rather quickly. We all had to stand and talk about what we did for summer vacation. As Komma made her way down the hall, Simi followed her in hot pursuit and we rushed to keep pace.


“You’re Simi, right?”

“Yes,” he answered and smiled. Simi looked pleased that she remembered his name. “Here are my friends—Rod, Point, and Hiphen.”

She nodded at each of us before Simi continued. “Look, it can be tough for the new girl here. We’d be happy to show you the ropes.”

We all thought she would be pleased at the offer. Instead she laughed.

“Sorry but I don’t need a welcoming committee. I’ll figure this whole thing out for myself. Thanks anyway. Ta-ta!”

As Komma strolled up the steps, Point’s eyes were glazed with agitation. “What a bitch! And who the fuck says ‘ta-ta’?”

Rod’s look mirrored Point’s gaze. “People who think they are better than us. She doesn’t need us. End of story. See you guys later.”

All of us went on our way.

I looked back and noticed Simi still fixed on the stairway. Was Simi developing a thing for the new girl? If so, he needed to snap out of it—and fast! Komma acted like she was way out of our league.

Official Book Release

DE Book Release Banner


Today we are celebrating the official release of “Demoness Enchanted”, Book Two of the Fate’s Endeavor Series.


Normalcy, was not a word recognized by Zita. Her entire life was nothing, if not abnormal. Her family, herself, her entire existence, all of it; unnatural. Yet, to her it was nothing but the truth of her actuality. Such, was her life—making it to her normal, as she knew nothing else. Still, it was what made her whom and what she was … a hybrid!

Roman; a witty, silver tongued young man with an average life. He looked forward to finishing High School and thereafter going on a missionary trip to Brazil. He knew that something special awaited him there. What he didn’t know was exactly how special it was.

Fate’s endeavor is Fate’s design, and Fate’s design is unlike any humanity has ever known.

Demoness Enchanted, the story of two completely different beings and the scheme which destiny has preordained for them.

The Fate’s Endeavor Series, surpassing the emotional fabric of angels and demons and delving into the delicate threads which infuse Fate’s tapestry.

DE Front CoverExcerpt:

I no longer saw any use in keeping track of time—it was nothing to me anymore.


In actuality, everything was nothing to me now.

The void that consumed my heart was not an innate part of me. Melancholy was my mind. Malevolence, my spirit. Anger, my breath.

I pondered on how things changed just like that. How one moment in a being’s life could make all things different.

This was my life now.

Zita, the demon.

The children were the only exception to that rule. They were innocent; did not ask to walk the face of this miserable planet. Like me, they’d been pushed into something that was not of their own choosing. They were my only concern now. Some time back, I’d located an abandoned building and made a home for the children and I in it. No one knew we were there, and no one ever would. It was an old, haggard, battered place, but it had four walls and a roof. That was better than beaten, wet boxes. I’d taken care of making it habitable.

My secret had been well kept. I made sure of it.

I toyed with the wicked at my whim. Took the very last cent that they carried in their pockets, then made sure that the deed was completed by their own hands—a deed that I’d prompted them to commit. Their termination.

Perhaps I was wrong. Yet, the people I ended were even more reprehensible than I.

Immediately after my nightly hunt, I’d return to the makeshift home I’d created for us, and take care of them.

They need a mother. I shall be that mother.

I had heard through the grapevine that there would be a missionary group coming to town sometime soon. Little did I realize that it would be so soon. I couldn’t help but wonder what their true intentions were—these missionaries. If I so much as suspected that they had sneaky plans, I’d take care of them myself.

Early morning peeked through the horizon—golden hues of sunshine beamed over the hills and plains of Feijo. The sun made her entrance like a Queen over her people, raising her fanciful scepter, bright and majestic. Roosters announced her arrival, like nature’s heralds, crowing loudly for all of the world to hear.

The richness of the sun’s auspicious rays slowly grazed over the extent of Feijo, little by little turning the purple shades of night into the orange blush of morning.

From within the bounds of the gray, peeling walls, and enormous windows of our large room, I heard giant trucks running down uneven roads. People jargoned loudly and scrambled around to get to their morning rituals. Market owners prepared their kiosks, making them ready for the day’s business. All of the commotion could be heard from within the thin shabby walls of our provisional home, for provisional it was. At least until I had gathered together enough money to give the children something better.

The smell of freshly baked bread came wafting in through the open windows which helped fully awaken me, and in turn, the remnants of the children that still slept.

I could hear a little boy running and yelling down the road, “They’re here! They’re here!” he called euphorically.

Hmm, so they are here, I thought. This will be interesting.

“Josue, go see what’s going on.” I instructed when I saw Josue getting out of bed.

He immediately jumped out of the bed to wash his face, then quickly ran out the door.

“Children; wake up babies,” I said softly as I shook Leilani tenderly. It was a joy to see their innocent eyes opening every morning. Gratitude displayed in the joyous smiled on their faces as they awoke in an actual bed. Although tattered mattresses on the floor, this was better than a cold, damp, ransacked cardboard boxes lined up in dark alleyways.

Anything is better than that.

“Let’s go see what these missionaries are up to.” I said tenderly.

“Okay.” little Leilani grumbled.

“Alright sweetheart,”

“Do you think they will have food?” she asked.

“I hope so baby,”

“Do you think that they will share?” Leilani was so young, so naive. She lost her parents at the hands of a brutal, vicious police officer. She had no family left to care for her. It was Leilani against the world, much like me. I had to protect her. She was only five!

Furthermore, like I had once been, she too was so innocent, so guiltless. She needed someone to care for her. I had no one and I would not let that happen to her. I had to learn the hard way and I would free Leilani from that miserable grief.

“Yes Ani, if they are as nice as all the other children say they are, I think that they will share,” I replied more so for her benefit than mine. “Alright Ani, let’s get you washed up and dressed.”

“Okay.” She dragged, her sweet voice heavy with sleep.


Would you like to savor the entire story from the start? Then pick up a FREE Kindle copy of “If Death Should Love Me, Fate’s Endeavor Book One“, TODAY!


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Concordant Vibrancy Cover Reveal

CV2 Cover Reveal BannerHello and Welcome to the celebration of the “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” Cover Reveal. Before we show you the cover, first we’ll tell you a little bit about the book.


All Authors Publications & Promotions is pleased to bring you the second installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality”.

This compilation of short stories and essays demonstrates the fusing of talented and sui generis works by eight amazing writers. Contrasting in genre and writing style, each piece is a wonderful representation of the theme question; What moves your spirit?

CV2 PosterEnjoy “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” and see what moves your spirit.

“Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” is coming soon, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab a copy of this collection upon its release! Now, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to the Cover of “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” a collaborative work by the members of the All Authors P&P Family.

CV2 CoverTake a sneak peak at the “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” Teaser Trailer.

CV2 Date

My 2015 In Review

Hello Dear Readers.

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. More than that, I want to extended my sincere gratitude for your dedicated following throughout 2015. I feel blessed and not a little humbled to have had such an amazing backing throughout the year. Hats off to you all.


Today, I will summarize my accomplishments throughout 2015.

2015 1

2015 marked the birth of “Author Adonis Mann“, prior to that I was “Aspiring Author Adonis Mann“. What a wonderful thing to experience, to have one’s dreams come true in such a marvelous and tangible way!

With the publication of “Concordant Vibrancy 1: Unity” came the  wakening of my aspiration of being published. From there things just got better. Subsequently, I was signed on the All Authors Publishing House. It was a phenomenal thing to know that All Authors Publishing House accepted, not only new aspiring authors, but also short story writers, of which I was both.

Soon after “Concordant Vibrancy 1: Unity” came the release of my first official solo publication, “Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day”, although short, it was an accomplishment just to have had it published.

Soon after that came the release of “Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink Book 1” which included my short story contribution “Mystical Nights”, then shortly thereafter the release of “… and we” as a solo work.

Throughout this time I was blogging and book reviewing. I’d even started up a book review blog series which I called “Drive-By Reviews”. It was my own little blog corner dedicated to reviewing books of all genres and sizes. Although, my personal favorite was reviewing books within my own genre preference.

During this time my friendship/kinship grew stronger with the All Authors Publishing House Family Members. I was honored and appreciative to have developed this comradeship as one can never have too much support.

Soon after, came the call for the 2nd installment of “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” and immediately I got to work on my short story contribution to said anthology. A contemporary fiction about a man trying to find his way in the world, I called it “Barbershop: A Story of Home”.

In the interim of all of these wonderful events, I was also writing short stories and setting them aside as they will be included in my upcoming solo anthology called “The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity”.

Apart from all of this, later on in the year I was asked to be a part of All Authors Magazine. I was so incredibly excited to have been asked to become a part of such a wonderful literary magazine, along side so many outstandingly talented authors. I was given a column named after my personal venture, “Drive-By Reviews”.

The very last thing that I accomplished this year was a collaborative work with my good friend, House Family Member and sister, Synful Desire. Together we wrote, “Simmer; Smoothe & Sweet”. This was my first extended work, having reached the size of a novelette. Thank you Desire, for asking me to be a part of this project. Words cannot explain my gratitude.

While to some my accomplishments may not seem like a lot, to me they are innumerable, as in 2014 I would have never imagined that all of these things would have happened.


Suffice it to say that 2015 has been a very productive year, and I can only surmise that 2016 will be equally as spectacular.

Again, thank you all for being there for me. I would like to bid you all the most sincere of Seasons Greetings, and I pray that your New Year be filled with joy, love and productivity.


Why Simmer Smoothe & Sweet?

In recent days Synful Desire and I shared our thoughts on each other’s stories in the “Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet” anthology.

During this time she told me why she loved “Simmer Smoothe” and I told her why I loved “Simmer Sweet“. Here is our conversation.

donny poster

Synful Desire Speaks on “Simmer Smoothe”


Since Simmer Smoothe is first in this erotic compilation, I figured I would chime in first with my thoughts.

What is so sizzling about Simmer Smoothe

  1. That a character has Smoothe as a surname.

It’s like having a last name of “Sexy” or “Luscious”. One of those names … where at the sound of them, or even reading them, you start chuckling. You also start imagining whether said person is “Sexy”, “Luscious”, or in this case, “Smoothe”. All I know is that if that person isn’t, watch the teasing and Internet memes start flying.

  1. That the 2 main characters full names sound well to do and fashion forward.

Thomas Kent Simmer. Spencer Richard Smoothe. They sound like aristocrats with money—like old English money. Those names also sound like they know what is the latest in fashion. Heck they both could probably model for GQ Magazine.

  1. That one of the character’s provided some comic relief.

Sometimes, one just needs a break from the drama. That comes in the form of a character named Rene. Now, I don’t want to reveal much more but that he was quite a delight.

  1. The series of events is synonymous with what could happen to any couple.

What was painted out in “Simmer Smoothe” is something that cannot just happen to a gay couple but to any couple.  The range of emotions demonstrated with all parties was definitely understandable, even those walking on the wrong side of right, if you will.

  1. THE sex is hot.
  2. The SEX is hot.
  3. The sex IS hot.
  4. The sex is HOT.
  5. Um … did I say the sex is hot?
  6. For real, “Simmer Smoothe” is deeper than sizzling sex. It is, written in a way that is a cross between Picasso & Porn, with a plot and without the cheesy music. Yet, without the steamy sex, it’s just be a love story of sorts, don’t you think?



Wow, Desire, I’m so flattered. 😀

Here are my thoughts on “Simmer Sweet”.


Adonis Mann Speaks on “Simmer Sweet”


When it comes to plot, this story does not lack. It’s such a delight to read an erotica tale which actually tells a story and isn’t full of mindless sex. Not that mindless sex is bad, but sometimes one needs something to keep one invested.

For me, said investment comes in the form of Kesha. Not that Teresa isn’t a wonderful character as well. However, Kesha reminded me of the unwavering friend that has always been truly smitten, yet remains silent in the best interest of the other party. It speaks of courage, also, of true love.


Then we have the character of Chris. He is the iconic, proverbial, “Player“. The man that every woman loathes, yet always seems to be drawn to. He’s despicable, yet that’s exactly what keeps the reader engaged. Said situation reminded me of a soap opera, if you will. The villain slash lady’s man that all the ladies love to hate and hate to love. Great things, indeed.


Now, regarding the sex … “Simmer Smoothe” isn’t the only story in this anthology that has steamy sex. “Simmer Sweet” does exactly what it’s name implies; simmers until it overflows, then submerges the reader into sweet and sensual sex. Ravishing and thrilling all at once.


“Simmer Sweet” is also a relateable story. While a work of fiction the premise is something that does not scream fiction. Any couple, any place, could have gone through these same events. In other words, the conflict in “Simmer Sweet” rings true to life. In my opinion that is always a good thing.


Told in a fashion that is both down to earth and rapturous, “Simmer Sweet” hits all the right notes to make it a hit. 🙂


Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a peek at this Book Trailer.


It Is Out!


Hello and welcome! Today we are celebrating the official Book Release of “Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet” by me, Adonis Mann and Synful Desire, as well as “H.E.R.: Handy Extended Release” by Synful Desire.


donny posterBlurb:

When love simmers sweet and passion simmers smooth, rhapsody is efficacious rapture.

Tommy and Spencer were meant for each other, that is, until a serendipitous encounter proves to be an enormous revelation. Will Luke, Tommy’s childhood friend, serve to change the tide?

Kesha has finally told Teresa about her feelings. The only drawback is Teresa’s engagement to Chris. Will Kesha bask in the bliss that only Teresa can bring, or will Chris get in the way?

Come feel the ardent emotions which steam under a silky surface with Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet .

Available at

Blurb:poster2 draft HER

Never underestimate the steam of a hot caffeinated beverage infused

with the flavor of imagination. Wake up your senses while savoring “Kona”.

A simple ad gives a curious skeptic a lot more than he was bargaining for. Check out the hair-raising experience while combing through “Tresses”.

Darbi has her share of bad luck. She is unexpectedly in job purgatory and has no chance of ever getting a promotion. Her online dating profile sat months without any responses. Why should she continue?

As she signed on to delete everything entirely, three responses catch her eye. All are different but each has something about them which makes Darbi want to meet all three. Ade appears to be the guy next door. Boyde looks like a supermodel. Choise looks like the rugged type.

When all is not what it seems, Darbi has concluded that her love life is mating with her job status in purgatory. Will anything come in handy to turn her luck around?

This version of “Handy” includes an epilogue, as well as Darbi speak.

Erotic, Experimental, and Entertaining—All come in Handy when experiencing a Good Release.

Available at