Greetings Beloveds,

Perhaps, it is the spirit of the upcoming holidays. Whatever the case, it has come to my attention that there will be several books coming available within the next few days for free. Most of them, written by close and, dare I say, incredibly talented colleagues. I must note, that among said freebies will be my own publications, “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity“.

I will not take up too much of your precious time and provide you with the list of Free Titles and their respective links.

Available from November 28th, 2017 – December 3rd, 2017

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So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Please enjoy and spread the word.


A Group for LGBT Authors and Readers

Hello all and Happy New Year 2016!

It is so wonderful to connect with you all on this new year, and even more wonderful to realize that we have yet another year to make our dreams come true.


Today, I was browsing Google+ an Facebook for “Groups/Communities” to join that would help provide exposure to my works. What I found troubled me. There are little to no Groups/Communities on Facebook and Google+ for LGBTQIA books and book lovers. The ones that I did find do not give much leeway for authors and readers to connect, or for authors to promote their works.

After browsing and thinking about the situation deeply, and knowing that perhaps I am doing a bit too much, I opted to create a Group for said purpose. And, so I did.

I would like to introduce you to “LGBT Bookworms“, a Facebook group for authors and readers alike.

LGBT Bookworms


My hope is that this group will acquire a life of its own and people within the community—as well as others that enjoy the literature—might commune, mingle and celebrate our love for the genre.


I am blogging about this in the hopes that you help me spread the word and get people involved.

Thank you for your time and all the best.

Regards and love,

Adonis Mann

Double Book Release from All Authors Publishing House


Dear Reader, Writers and Precious Patrons,

All Authors Publishing House would like to bring you a Double Book Release of earth shattering proportions.


Are there any limits out there which are boundless? Two characters, two different stories of paranormal drama, put that to the ultimate test!


“Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project”


Y. Correa


Could Science Serve as Salvation?
One-fourth Human.
One-fourth God.
One-fourth Superhuman.
One-fourth Vampire.
For Dr. Scott, the combined strengths of each life form represent the answer to the onslaught of malice and tyranny plaguing his Earth. When his creation—Genesis—begins developing, the lines between scientist and father become blurred. Soon the time approaches where Genesis is expected to fulfill her purpose. Does she go along willingly, or will her rapid evolution obliterate everyone’s best laid plans?


“Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice (Book One)”


Da’Kharta Rising


There’s Love … and then there’s Love Beyond Limits.
Felipe and Therice had a love that knew of no boundaries. When Therice and “Mama” lose their lives in a tragic car accident, Felipe has a gaping hole that just refuses to heal and Therice has a determination to see him again that just refuses to die.
Heaven feels anything but, when Therice discovers that spirits are prohibited from visiting loved ones after they have died. Sensing that her angelic guide Amare possesses empathetic traits, Therice develops a plan of appeal in the hopes she will see Felipe near the anniversary of her death.


Get Your eBook Copy Today!


Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One

Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project

Coming Soon to …


Question of The Day: Is LGBT Writing Restrictive or Liberating?

Earlier this week I was asked “Do you think being an LGBT author is restrictive or liberating?

I found the question to be fascinating. Really, truly. Here is why …

The answer is both.

You’re probably wondering why, and so, I will share my thoughts with you.

div64wyFor all of the freedom that I feel writing within my sexual preference, there are always two sides to a coin. First, I will share the things that continually make me feel confined.


Even with all of the progress made in the acceptance of the LGBT community there is still an unfair stigma AND a taboo misunderstanding of what LGBT literature stands represents.

I’ll explain.

You see, the LBGT community has had to try to defeat thousands of years of besmirchment. Even up until fifty years ago, a murder was easier accepted than a homosexual. Still, while growth has happened, there is an enormous amount of close minded individuals that simply cannot except homosexuality. Be it by choice or teaching, they still turn their noses up at us and call us the scum of the earth.

Then, there is also a universal misunderstanding of our sexuality which is considered taboo and unholy. It’s frustrating to continually try to explain to the close minded that we were born this way.

These things translate into the acceptance of our literature. While every author has to fight to get his/her work seen and appreciated, the LGBT author has to fight twice as hard. For every five novels the mainstream author sells, the LGBT author is still trying to get his/her work looked at.


However, heartache sometimes brings felicity, as for all of the negativity there is also a sense of inner freedom and completion.


The freedom comes from being able to just be. Liberation, in this industry, is provided by the ability to simply exist and be who you are without explanation and without remorse. It is in the capability to expressing yourself artistically and openly that one finds emancipation. THAT, above all, means everything to me!

Until Next Time,


Drive By Review Time

It’s that time again. Once again, I bring you a Drive By Review. Today we’ll be looking at “The G Particle” by Y. Correa, Multi-genre Author. This woman is no joke. She truly writes in all genres. It’s pretty impressive to be honest.

So, without further ado, here is a look at my review for “The G Particle”


Available at Smashwords


Three things that I must say before I go on:

1) It takes some serious gumption to tell an entire story in 500 words.

2) I’m not really enamored all too much with Sci-Fi. It’s not necessarily my cup of tea, if you will.

3) Even with those perspectives, I went into this story in an unbiased way as I am trying very hard to expand my literary horizons.

That being said, I have got to say that I was pleasantly surprised. As a writer of short stories I know first hand that stories can be told without reaching thousands of words yet, doing so in just 500 words is also a very big stretch. Nonetheless, Ms. Correa did it. I was amazed that such a complete and interesting story could be told in less than one page. The end of the story was particularly interesting. I didn’t expect it!

I suppose that my favorite aspect about the story is that while it was classified as Sci-Fi, it didn’t feel like one. I am not sure if you’ll understand what I mean. Personally, I don’t typically read Sci-Fi because I can’t get past the techno-babble and the having to know Rocket Science in order to understand it. That wasn’t the case at all with this little work. It was indeed Sci-Fi but it read like Contemporary Fiction.

I was happily surprised with this micro-short. Not only was it very quick, but it leaves you thinking. That’s the best sort of story. Good things all around. I highly recommend it.

Gold star

All right, until next time!

Signing out!


Drive By Reviews: Vocal Remedy by Da’Kharta Rising

Hello Dear Followers/Bloggers.

Today I bring you yet another Drive By Review. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!


Vocal Remedy

Vocal Remedy


Da’Kharta Rising

Available at for Free


Vaser is not surprised when Mr. Choice selects him. He does have a great voice and only the best should compete to win the cash prize for the music program. Everything falls into place as Vaser prepares to deliver a vocal remedy to compose his own award winning tune.

Disclaimer: Slight hint of M/M action.


This is a very short story, but even with it being only about 9 pages long, it certainly packs a punch. Particularly at the end.

Mr. Choice is a high school music teacher who is struck with a large degree of tunnel vision as he wants his group to win the grand prices for the upcoming music competition. What Mr. Choice is not saying is that on top of that he also has a certain taboo admiration for one of the kids.

Vaser, is the center of Mr. Choice’s affection, and he is very aware of it. While at the beginning one is led to believe that their relationship is purely platonic, one realizes later that it may not be. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’ll stop here.

Here are the things I liked about this short story:

  • It’s not a gruesome horror. Actually, it’s more of a Teen Suspense.
  • The element of mystery runs deep in this story. You are following the story line but you continually get the sense that something is brewing although you don’t know what, until you’re hit with it.
  • By the end, you don’t really know why the crime was committed. Was it due to a psychotic mind, revenge, something else? You don’t know! However, that’s exactly the point, so it makes the excitement and intrigue element pretty outstanding.
  • While I’m uncertain if LGBT is this author’s forté, it certainly seems so as the tiny bit of man on man action that is presented is a little on the steamy side. Truth be told I was getting a little hot and bothered. Suffice it to say that I liked it a lot.

Here is the one thing that I didn’t think was completely accurate:

  • Towards the end, when Vaser is speaking, his manner of speech didn’t necessarily fit a teenager. It seemed quite mature for a kid his age.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed this story. My true rating is 4.5, although I know that I’d have to give it a full star rating on Smashwords and Goodreads. However, the writing and story is so good that my 4.5 stars will translate to a 5 star on those platforms, because 4 would not be fair.

Thanks for attending Adonis Mann’s Drive By Reviews. See you next time!

Love, love!


Like a painting of old…

Much like a painting of old, each color signifies something.


I was sitting here in meditation. Simply analyzing the things around me, as well as every facet of my life. Who I am, what I do, how I do it, what drives me, what inspires me. Every element is a drop of paint on the canvas of my life. Each drop as vivid and extraordinary as the last.


What most people do not understand, is that the LGBT Flag represents more than just who we are collectively, but also who we are individually. We are all different, yet the same.

Allow me just a moment of your time to tell you who I, Adonis Mann, am, and what each pigment on the depiction of my life represents.



The color of the sky. My most abstract inspiration. When I look into the depths of it, my mind reels into places that it’s never seen. The beauty therein is reminiscent of the innocent smile of a child, the smell of a rose, then comfort one finds in the arms of your loved ones. Blue, is the delineation of my soul. It demonstrates the profundity therein, and it demands to be set free.


The color of passion. What drives me. Red is what courses through my veins and saturates my innermost self. It is the driving force of my devotion. It brings to mind every powerful emotion which provides the momentum to move forward without apology. Red reminds me to be who I am, and it does not allow the world to dictate my existence.


The color of contentment and inner peace. The vitality which orange brings, makes the mind topple with glee. It reminds me of the little things; November, Thanksgiving, family, food and autumn. Orange is what inspires me to focus on the small strides of progress and not the allow myself to be devoured by what I cannot control. In orange I see life, and in that I delight.


The color of success. In medieval times royalty wore purple robes to show their stature. It was a representation of who they were, and that they did not ask the world for permission to be themselves. Purple prompts me to realize that I am valued, that I mean something, that I am important and that no one else can be me. Purple, is self-love and self-respect.


The color of happiness. This brings to mind the stainless nature of a puppy, the innocuous disposition of a child, the charming quality of nature. In all things peaceful and innocent I am reminded that in loving myself I find solace and enlightenment. Yellow is the color of the richness of individuality.


The color of Mother Nature. Within the connect of human and nature there is an invigorating quality. Life begets life, love begets love, and green begets unity. Within the realm of creation, man is reminded that he is one with the world, therefore he is invaluable. His presence here is the compelling force that unifies everything. Green is the color of my spirituality. I am one with you and the cosmos.


Like a painting of old, I am who I am. Each trickle which ascertains the canvas therein is just a layer of my identity. An identity that I am obliged to share with you. Not just to share it’s worth, but also to awaken your acknowledgment. You too, are beautiful. Remember, like brushstrokes on a masterful composition, you too are important and priceless. Let your colors shine.

Love thyself and thy brethren.