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This week took me by storm and allowed me not the necessary time to elaborate on my soon to be released, “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity”. Therefore, today I have decided to share mini-excerpts with you in the hopes that it might entice your imagination and prompt you to possibly pick up a copy of “S.O.R.I” which is due for release tomorrow, July 7th, 2017.



Winter Sensations …

Spring Overtures …

Summer Ruminations …

Fall Inhibitions …

The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity is four seasons of discovery, lust, love and eroticism. A compilation of short stories that are sure to make you swoon in delight. Through a collection of erotic shorts drenched in whimsical prose, Adonis Mann takes us on a trip through a thrilling and provocative year. Stimulating the reader with stories like “Tyronian Rapture”, “Prismatic Slumber” and “Metamorphoses”, Mr. Mann brings sensual delight to every season. A jewel of an anthology for the LGBTQIA community, Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity is a must read for the lover of Erotica. Covering winter, spring, summer and fall, with one story for every month, Adonis gives you the gift of powerful diction and titillating tales. Come, sink in to SORI.




Excerpt: Wanton Wonderland

The air was cold and damp. The snow seemed to flow from right to left, instead of from top to bottom. The breeze made it so. Tiny, a not so tiny man slowly but surely made his way to the rented log cabin, he’d leased for the weekend for he and his lady love. A curvy girl, by the name of Raquel. This weekend Tiny and Raquel had ventured to try something new. Something they’d never tried before.


Excerpt: Prismatic Slumber

I dream in color. Like a vivid, luminescent prism, everything comes to thriving life, and then there he is with me.

Sleigh bells dangling from the edge of the bed jingle whenever I slide deep inside of his scrumptious cleft.

Silver tinsel, tangled around our feet.

How did it get there? When did we play with it? It doesn’t matter.

Only partially covered by a Santa Claus fleece blanket, our skin touches underneath—intense heat emanating from it. In the background Bobby Helms “Jingle Bell Rock” plays, only loud enough to drown our elate moaning.

Excerpt: Jet Tresses and Snow

Long, black hair that grazed my face as he swayed atop me. It smelled of shampoo and sweat—a sweet combination. His arms wrapped tightly around me, and all I could hear was his breath, my moans and his sighs as he pulsed inside me.

Unable to contain myself, I grabbed a fist full of his hair, tugging it ever so softly—just enough to make him groan in delight. Pulling his head back, my lips and tongue devoured the curvature of his neck, inhaling his scent.




Excerpt: Shy Torrents

Supple, soft skin glided under my fingers. Speckled with downy like hairs which electrified whenever my hand’s heat swept over them. My body heat was a magnet. A magnet which had the power to beckon wantonness and yearning. Shy shivered, unable to contain the reaction. I smirked.

Shy lay there, belly down, arms tucked under his chin and completely undressed. I thought of how much I wanted to take my finger, which traced his form, and insert it directly to his tight opening. I yielded the desire because my biggest wish was to savor this moment. This moment right here.

Excerpt: Metamorphosis

I am a butterfly.

The beauty of life is found in the mundane matters of evolution. Therefore, I am a butterfly.

When I was an egg, the shell kept me from breaking free. It prohibited me from being whom I was meant to be. Yet, there was a miraculous event occurring; I was developing. Readying for the inevitable exodus which was about to transpire.

I suppose the world was not ready for me then. Perhaps, preparing for the spectacular event which was about to unfold.

Excerpt: … and she: The Short Story of Constance McBride

He shared me, my Ronin. Yes, he did. That much is true. Withal, I minded not. I’d learned to appreciate the wonders of two men and I. It was a pleasantry that not all knew of.

Many speculate on my consent of being divvied between two.

So, I ask that you allow me a moment to share my story—my truth.

I am Constance McBride.

I was brought up with hard-handed structure and unwavering beliefs. My father, a Baptist Preacher. My mother, the epitome of a Preacher’s Wife—contrite, obedient and supportive.

I never fit in. I never could.




Excerpt: Timeless Daze; Reimagined

Footprints on golden sand lined the expanse, perfectly positioned, making a lovely pattern down the shore—some being washed away by the waves. The tawny hue of the sun bounced off the waterfront creating currents of various yellow pigments, drenching the entire domain in the same colorant.

It was a sight to behold. A beautiful, wonderful vision. And with all of its wonderment, the one thing that held my attention the most, was the individual making the impressions. His tall, strong fame, blotted out the brilliance of the seascape wherever he stood and created a silhouette of gray.

Excerpt: Mystical Nights

A gust of wind caused the white, sheer curtain on the only window in my room to dance. The light from the new moon permeated the room causing blue-gray rays to cross its expanse. Yet, there she was. A phantom. A phantasm of desire and wantonness. Real and surreal. A combination, though inexplicable, also intoxicating. The way she swayed her hips. The way she used her hands to lift the thick tresses of her hair just enough to allow her figure to come into focus. Black against pale gray. The rhythm of her movement seemed natural yet mystical. A temptress, a jezebel.

Excerpt: Tyronian Rapture

I was captured by my dear Regina’s beauty. Her full lips longed to be licked, while I imagined that her smooth skin and voluptuous curves yearned to be caressed.

From a distance, I basked in her allurement, secretly—watching as she picked the wild flowers from the field in order to prepare a centerpiece for our dinner table for tea. If I could walk through the window ajar as a phantom, then as a phantom I would delight in her existence.

The impasse, my predilection. The penchant to fancy the reprobate. And, whilst my heart and mind remained enthralled by my point of desire, my body lay captive inside of this wretched place.



Excerpt: Her Seductions

Silence is suffocating. Dense, even. Yet, it is in the silence of the night when my true love comes to me. She whispers in my ear that she loves me, running fingers through my long blonde locks. The effect is a rush which causes my hairs to stand on end and my femininity to pulse with desire.

The arid autumn air squeezes through a tiny sliver in the window ajar. The small attic apartment window, scarcely patulous, does little to cool the ardent vapors of our combines bodies. Nor does it quell our thirst for one another.

Heat rises; silence falls.

Excerpt: He & She

Her reflection was a stranger, always had been. Looking at her mirror image, Yehanna considered that she’d been born with the wrong face. Perhaps the Fates had misrepresented what she was really supposed to look like—gotten it wrong somehow. She was a foreigner to herself, usurped the body of another, or at least that’s what Yehanna told herself on a daily basis.

Grazing her finger across one check in the dimly lit bathroom of a tattered old apartment, which was falling apart at the seams, Yehanna moved her face from left to right, then back again.

Excerpt: Reckless Abandon

Convinced that life had to be grander at some scale, I threw carefulness to the waste side and opted to live life as I would have it, and not as others would impose. What good were people’s opinions anyway? Look where they’d gotten me. Having recently lost my job to a series of unfortunate events, I knew that it was now or never to take the proverbial bull by the horns and do with my life as I wanted. With reckless abandon, I would enthrall my every emotion and thought, not to be withheld by naysayers.

That was it. My mind was made up. Now, if I only knew how to accomplish said feat.

There you have it, my esteemed followers.

To obtain your copy of “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” visit:

Thank you again for visiting. And, once more, I am highly grateful for your unending support.

May blessings rain upon you all.


Official Book Release

DE Book Release Banner


Today we are celebrating the official release of “Demoness Enchanted”, Book Two of the Fate’s Endeavor Series.


Normalcy, was not a word recognized by Zita. Her entire life was nothing, if not abnormal. Her family, herself, her entire existence, all of it; unnatural. Yet, to her it was nothing but the truth of her actuality. Such, was her life—making it to her normal, as she knew nothing else. Still, it was what made her whom and what she was … a hybrid!

Roman; a witty, silver tongued young man with an average life. He looked forward to finishing High School and thereafter going on a missionary trip to Brazil. He knew that something special awaited him there. What he didn’t know was exactly how special it was.

Fate’s endeavor is Fate’s design, and Fate’s design is unlike any humanity has ever known.

Demoness Enchanted, the story of two completely different beings and the scheme which destiny has preordained for them.

The Fate’s Endeavor Series, surpassing the emotional fabric of angels and demons and delving into the delicate threads which infuse Fate’s tapestry.

DE Front CoverExcerpt:

I no longer saw any use in keeping track of time—it was nothing to me anymore.


In actuality, everything was nothing to me now.

The void that consumed my heart was not an innate part of me. Melancholy was my mind. Malevolence, my spirit. Anger, my breath.

I pondered on how things changed just like that. How one moment in a being’s life could make all things different.

This was my life now.

Zita, the demon.

The children were the only exception to that rule. They were innocent; did not ask to walk the face of this miserable planet. Like me, they’d been pushed into something that was not of their own choosing. They were my only concern now. Some time back, I’d located an abandoned building and made a home for the children and I in it. No one knew we were there, and no one ever would. It was an old, haggard, battered place, but it had four walls and a roof. That was better than beaten, wet boxes. I’d taken care of making it habitable.

My secret had been well kept. I made sure of it.

I toyed with the wicked at my whim. Took the very last cent that they carried in their pockets, then made sure that the deed was completed by their own hands—a deed that I’d prompted them to commit. Their termination.

Perhaps I was wrong. Yet, the people I ended were even more reprehensible than I.

Immediately after my nightly hunt, I’d return to the makeshift home I’d created for us, and take care of them.

They need a mother. I shall be that mother.

I had heard through the grapevine that there would be a missionary group coming to town sometime soon. Little did I realize that it would be so soon. I couldn’t help but wonder what their true intentions were—these missionaries. If I so much as suspected that they had sneaky plans, I’d take care of them myself.

Early morning peeked through the horizon—golden hues of sunshine beamed over the hills and plains of Feijo. The sun made her entrance like a Queen over her people, raising her fanciful scepter, bright and majestic. Roosters announced her arrival, like nature’s heralds, crowing loudly for all of the world to hear.

The richness of the sun’s auspicious rays slowly grazed over the extent of Feijo, little by little turning the purple shades of night into the orange blush of morning.

From within the bounds of the gray, peeling walls, and enormous windows of our large room, I heard giant trucks running down uneven roads. People jargoned loudly and scrambled around to get to their morning rituals. Market owners prepared their kiosks, making them ready for the day’s business. All of the commotion could be heard from within the thin shabby walls of our provisional home, for provisional it was. At least until I had gathered together enough money to give the children something better.

The smell of freshly baked bread came wafting in through the open windows which helped fully awaken me, and in turn, the remnants of the children that still slept.

I could hear a little boy running and yelling down the road, “They’re here! They’re here!” he called euphorically.

Hmm, so they are here, I thought. This will be interesting.

“Josue, go see what’s going on.” I instructed when I saw Josue getting out of bed.

He immediately jumped out of the bed to wash his face, then quickly ran out the door.

“Children; wake up babies,” I said softly as I shook Leilani tenderly. It was a joy to see their innocent eyes opening every morning. Gratitude displayed in the joyous smiled on their faces as they awoke in an actual bed. Although tattered mattresses on the floor, this was better than a cold, damp, ransacked cardboard boxes lined up in dark alleyways.

Anything is better than that.

“Let’s go see what these missionaries are up to.” I said tenderly.

“Okay.” little Leilani grumbled.

“Alright sweetheart,”

“Do you think they will have food?” she asked.

“I hope so baby,”

“Do you think that they will share?” Leilani was so young, so naive. She lost her parents at the hands of a brutal, vicious police officer. She had no family left to care for her. It was Leilani against the world, much like me. I had to protect her. She was only five!

Furthermore, like I had once been, she too was so innocent, so guiltless. She needed someone to care for her. I had no one and I would not let that happen to her. I had to learn the hard way and I would free Leilani from that miserable grief.

“Yes Ani, if they are as nice as all the other children say they are, I think that they will share,” I replied more so for her benefit than mine. “Alright Ani, let’s get you washed up and dressed.”

“Okay.” She dragged, her sweet voice heavy with sleep.


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A Group for LGBT Authors and Readers

Hello all and Happy New Year 2016!

It is so wonderful to connect with you all on this new year, and even more wonderful to realize that we have yet another year to make our dreams come true.


Today, I was browsing Google+ an Facebook for “Groups/Communities” to join that would help provide exposure to my works. What I found troubled me. There are little to no Groups/Communities on Facebook and Google+ for LGBTQIA books and book lovers. The ones that I did find do not give much leeway for authors and readers to connect, or for authors to promote their works.

After browsing and thinking about the situation deeply, and knowing that perhaps I am doing a bit too much, I opted to create a Group for said purpose. And, so I did.

I would like to introduce you to “LGBT Bookworms“, a Facebook group for authors and readers alike.

LGBT Bookworms


My hope is that this group will acquire a life of its own and people within the community—as well as others that enjoy the literature—might commune, mingle and celebrate our love for the genre.


I am blogging about this in the hopes that you help me spread the word and get people involved.

Thank you for your time and all the best.

Regards and love,

Adonis Mann

Drive By Review: Simi’s Komma by Da’Kharta Rising

It really does seem as though I’ve been doing more and more reviews as of late. Well, I’m perfectly alright with that. I always delight in the ability to provide some sort of information as to the books I read, as I find that many find them helpful. To date, luckily, I haven’t faced any backlash from egocentric authors whom believe that their works are God’s gift to man.

I’ve heard some hideous horror stories.

Today, I am graced to bring you a review on a fellow All Authors Publishing House member’s work, “Simi’s Komma” by Da’Kharta Rising. Da’Kharta won me over when she demonstrated her marvelous writing skills with her story “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One“. Suffice it to say that at the possibility of reading one of her earlier works, I simply could not resist.

simmisSimi’s Komma


Da’Kharta Rising

FREE on Smashwords



Papyrus is a small town that’s not a fan of anything different. Here we meet four long time friends. Hiphen is the observant one. Rod is the laid back one. Point is a girl that acts like one of the guys yet is a proponent of action. Simi is the leader of the squad.

When transfer Komma Plush arrives, Simi takes it upon himself to show her the ropes of a new town yet at first she is not open to it. What follows takes Simi on this journey that threatens the balance of his long term friendships.

div64wyMy Thoughts:

I’m always fascinated by the opportunity to see growth in a writers craft. And yet, I was flabbergasted to see that Ms. Rising’s craft has been pretty polished since the beginning. It was a lovely thing to see indeed.

I was instantly drawn in by the first paragraph of the work:

Two evergreen trees sat on either side of Sentence Avenue. In front of one of the trees was a blue-gray marble sign. Shiny gold words were embossed on the sign’s surface. It read: Welcome to Papyrus.

I could instantly see the image that author was attempting to portray. It was stunning to see how, with a few simple and well placed words one immediately became enthralled with the story.

Now, a bit about the premise.

“Simi’s Komma”, as odd as the title might be, is the story about a young man named Simi, his love life and his group of friends—all names after punctuations, I might add.


Simi, is head over heels in love with Komma, the sexy new girl in school. While his friends—particularly his female friend, Point—have their reservations about Komma, Simi can’t be bothered with their petty debates. They don’t like what this girl is doing to him but realize that there isn’t much they can do.

Soon things spiral out of control as Komma has Simi wrapped around her little finger.

teen drama

While I admittedly thought it was a little bizarre that characters be named after punctuation marks, I do love the initiative of originality. Sooner, rather than later, I no longer saw the characters as punctuation marks and started seeing the meaning behind their names and how those names played into their individual personalities. Then, I began to actually see people that they were meant to be all along.

There are a few fantastic things about this story:

  1. It makes one reassess the inner workings of the teenage mind. You find yourself wondering if you were “that way” as a teen. Would the things that effected Simi, have changed you too? Who is to say for sure?
  2. The writing style is simple, straight and direct, which makes for a gripping experience.
  3. I enjoyed the presentation, as it were. It was someone telling the story of someone else. In some ways “Simi’s Komma” reminded me of an Investigative Television show/documentary.
  4. In the end one is left speculating a few things. This leaves the idea of “There may be a second part.”
  5. I will never look at iced tea the same way again.

In all truth, “Simi’s Komma” might not be the gory, sick and twisted version of horror that some enjoy—like “SAW” for example—but it’s a Teenage Dark/Horror Drama, so the way the story is told makes complete sense for its classification. Some may not comprehend the “horror” aspect of the story as it isn’t dripping in blood and gore. However, if you were to look at the happenings from the eyes of a teenager from a small town that knew no evil, you’ll quickly begin to see how these things may have been interpreted as horrific.

Imagine, a sanctuary turned asylum. That would be enough to drive any level minded individual mad. This is the horror of “Simi’s Komma”.

With all of that being said, I would recommend “Simi’s Komma” to someone who would like a deeper look into the dark lives that we all lived as kids of High School age.


Drive By Review: Somebody to Love by Maille Mercury

Hello and Welcome to Drive By Reviews by Adonis Mann.

Today I would like to bring you “Somebody to Love” by Maille Mercury, which is available for free on Smashwords.

STLSomebody to Love


Maille Mercury



A short story about two girls who fall in love over a song.

A girl named Ella sits in a cafe waiting for the love of her life. Another girl comes and sits with her. They talk about their love of Queen. Later, the two girls go to Freddie Mercury’s shrine and share a kiss.

div64wyMy Review:

This book was definitely something. So much in fact, that it left me with practically nothing to say. Well, at least nothing very good to say.

Perhaps this is an Adonis thing; I don’t particularly like to give “bad reviews” (by definition) but prefer to make them practical and informative. Nevertheless, sometimes giving a bad rating is inevitable.

The difference being that the review is what you say about the work and the rating is how you score the work.

With all of that being said, I promise to be as informative as possible in my thoughts of this book.

This story is extremely short and relates the tale of how two women fall in love with each other because of a song. While the blurb indicated that they fall in love “over” a song, that is incorrect. In actuality it is because of a song. What song? “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

All right, that’s the premise. Now, I will try my best to give the reasons why I was not all too enamored with this story without giving away any spoilers. Once again, I said I will try. That is not a promise.

  • The story is narrated in first person, present tense, and that would have been fine had it not been for too many tense shifts in two pages worth of material. That is how long this story is—which is also fine. However, when you cannot keep tense consistent in 1000 words, then there is a problem.
  • Everything that happened not only transpired unrealistically fast, but it was all laid out way too conveniently. Suffice it to say that there was no actual conflict in the story. This, at times led me to believe that perhaps the story was a daydream. While I realize that this is a work of fiction, the fictional parts of the story were altogether unbelievable.
  • I’m not understanding why a hat equals “gay/lesbian”. You’ll see what I mean when you read the story.
  • The writing style screamed “teenager”. This too would be fine if the author were actually a teenager, but I could not say for certain.

For all of these reason, and some others that I will not mention I was unable to enjoy “Someone to Love”. That is an unfortunate shame.

One Star. 😦

1-star-ratingThank you for looking at Drive By Review with Adonis Mann. Until next time dear followers.


Double Book Release from All Authors Publishing House


Dear Reader, Writers and Precious Patrons,

All Authors Publishing House would like to bring you a Double Book Release of earth shattering proportions.


Are there any limits out there which are boundless? Two characters, two different stories of paranormal drama, put that to the ultimate test!


“Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project”


Y. Correa


Could Science Serve as Salvation?
One-fourth Human.
One-fourth God.
One-fourth Superhuman.
One-fourth Vampire.
For Dr. Scott, the combined strengths of each life form represent the answer to the onslaught of malice and tyranny plaguing his Earth. When his creation—Genesis—begins developing, the lines between scientist and father become blurred. Soon the time approaches where Genesis is expected to fulfill her purpose. Does she go along willingly, or will her rapid evolution obliterate everyone’s best laid plans?


“Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice (Book One)”


Da’Kharta Rising


There’s Love … and then there’s Love Beyond Limits.
Felipe and Therice had a love that knew of no boundaries. When Therice and “Mama” lose their lives in a tragic car accident, Felipe has a gaping hole that just refuses to heal and Therice has a determination to see him again that just refuses to die.
Heaven feels anything but, when Therice discovers that spirits are prohibited from visiting loved ones after they have died. Sensing that her angelic guide Amare possesses empathetic traits, Therice develops a plan of appeal in the hopes she will see Felipe near the anniversary of her death.


Get Your eBook Copy Today!


Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One

Earth 8-8-2: The Genesis Project

Coming Soon to …


Advanced Reading Copy Review of “Boundless Limits” by Da’Kharta Rising

Hello Dear Followers.

Today I bring you a different type of review. Typically it would be a Drive By Review, but since this is officially the first book I’ve ever ARC read before, I’m giving it a special spot light.

I’ve never done an ARC read before. Crazy, huh? I didn’t even know what it was until my Publisher explained it to me. So, needless to say, I’m excited to do this one.

The entire title of the work didn’t fit in my subject line … 😦 but here it is: “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One” by Da’Kharta Rising. You know you’re in for something special with a title like that. It’s intense. As intense as the story. Let me stop because I’m getting ahead of myself. I have to do this the right way.


ARC Review of “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One” by Da’Kharta Rising.


Life tends to, by its own nature, topple out of control from time to time. It seems to be the natural order of things. However, what happens when your life, while not perfect, is perfect to you and without warning everything comes tumbling down? What happens when everything you know, love and hold dear is lost to you in the blink of an eye?

Rain falls, wind blows, and people are yet people, and in so being they are flawed. It is in these imperfections that life tends to teeter on the brink of oblivion. Yet, what happens when oblivion is nothing more than an extension of human existence? Does humanity find repose in the hereafter, or do they yearn to reach out to that which they left behind?

This story explores all of those questions. It lays out a plot that is not only unquestionable, but extraordinary. “Boundless Limits”, truly examines the shortcomings of the human condition, and the never ending limits of eternity and its caretakers. This is done in the form of Therice & Felipe, Mama, Vindicta and Amare.

Therice and Felipe have a love that eclipses most. It’s a powerful sort of connection, the kind that most covet and never obtain. Mama, loves her daughter Therice and only desires to see her. It is at that point when catastrophe arrives and transcendence begins. In come Vindicta and Amare, two powerful angels in their own right whom find themselves having to make a series of choices that may not play into the grand scheme of what the High Council desires.

I am wholly enamored with this story. While I was reading it, it was very much like watching a movie—clear, concise and vigorous. I know that “Boundless Limits” will stay with me for a while, and I will read it again. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Please be advised that there is one eerie, morbid scene that is not appropriate for children or younger audiences. Apart from that … just an amazing, amazing story. I highly recommend this one.

5 Donny Stars!



Thanks again for visiting my page! Also, be only the look out for the official release of “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One” by Da’Kharta Rising, coming April 20th, 2015—right around the corner.

Until soon,