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Perhaps, it is the spirit of the upcoming holidays. Whatever the case, it has come to my attention that there will be several books coming available within the next few days for free. Most of them, written by close and, dare I say, incredibly talented colleagues. I must note, that among said freebies will be my own publications, “Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity“.

I will not take up too much of your precious time and provide you with the list of Free Titles and their respective links.

Available from November 28th, 2017 – December 3rd, 2017

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Drive By Review: Simi’s Komma by Da’Kharta Rising

It really does seem as though I’ve been doing more and more reviews as of late. Well, I’m perfectly alright with that. I always delight in the ability to provide some sort of information as to the books I read, as I find that many find them helpful. To date, luckily, I haven’t faced any backlash from egocentric authors whom believe that their works are God’s gift to man.

I’ve heard some hideous horror stories.

Today, I am graced to bring you a review on a fellow All Authors Publishing House member’s work, “Simi’s Komma” by Da’Kharta Rising. Da’Kharta won me over when she demonstrated her marvelous writing skills with her story “Boundless Limits: Transcendent Choice Book One“. Suffice it to say that at the possibility of reading one of her earlier works, I simply could not resist.

simmisSimi’s Komma


Da’Kharta Rising

FREE on Smashwords



Papyrus is a small town that’s not a fan of anything different. Here we meet four long time friends. Hiphen is the observant one. Rod is the laid back one. Point is a girl that acts like one of the guys yet is a proponent of action. Simi is the leader of the squad.

When transfer Komma Plush arrives, Simi takes it upon himself to show her the ropes of a new town yet at first she is not open to it. What follows takes Simi on this journey that threatens the balance of his long term friendships.

div64wyMy Thoughts:

I’m always fascinated by the opportunity to see growth in a writers craft. And yet, I was flabbergasted to see that Ms. Rising’s craft has been pretty polished since the beginning. It was a lovely thing to see indeed.

I was instantly drawn in by the first paragraph of the work:

Two evergreen trees sat on either side of Sentence Avenue. In front of one of the trees was a blue-gray marble sign. Shiny gold words were embossed on the sign’s surface. It read: Welcome to Papyrus.

I could instantly see the image that author was attempting to portray. It was stunning to see how, with a few simple and well placed words one immediately became enthralled with the story.

Now, a bit about the premise.

“Simi’s Komma”, as odd as the title might be, is the story about a young man named Simi, his love life and his group of friends—all names after punctuations, I might add.


Simi, is head over heels in love with Komma, the sexy new girl in school. While his friends—particularly his female friend, Point—have their reservations about Komma, Simi can’t be bothered with their petty debates. They don’t like what this girl is doing to him but realize that there isn’t much they can do.

Soon things spiral out of control as Komma has Simi wrapped around her little finger.

teen drama

While I admittedly thought it was a little bizarre that characters be named after punctuation marks, I do love the initiative of originality. Sooner, rather than later, I no longer saw the characters as punctuation marks and started seeing the meaning behind their names and how those names played into their individual personalities. Then, I began to actually see people that they were meant to be all along.

There are a few fantastic things about this story:

  1. It makes one reassess the inner workings of the teenage mind. You find yourself wondering if you were “that way” as a teen. Would the things that effected Simi, have changed you too? Who is to say for sure?
  2. The writing style is simple, straight and direct, which makes for a gripping experience.
  3. I enjoyed the presentation, as it were. It was someone telling the story of someone else. In some ways “Simi’s Komma” reminded me of an Investigative Television show/documentary.
  4. In the end one is left speculating a few things. This leaves the idea of “There may be a second part.”
  5. I will never look at iced tea the same way again.

In all truth, “Simi’s Komma” might not be the gory, sick and twisted version of horror that some enjoy—like “SAW” for example—but it’s a Teenage Dark/Horror Drama, so the way the story is told makes complete sense for its classification. Some may not comprehend the “horror” aspect of the story as it isn’t dripping in blood and gore. However, if you were to look at the happenings from the eyes of a teenager from a small town that knew no evil, you’ll quickly begin to see how these things may have been interpreted as horrific.

Imagine, a sanctuary turned asylum. That would be enough to drive any level minded individual mad. This is the horror of “Simi’s Komma”.

With all of that being said, I would recommend “Simi’s Komma” to someone who would like a deeper look into the dark lives that we all lived as kids of High School age.


Drive By Review: A Tragedy; The Short Story of Fox and Tango

Hello and welcome back! Yes, I realize that I’ve been doing lots of Drive By Reviews as of late, but I’ve been doing tons of reading. Especially, in genres that I wouldn’t typically read. Which brings us to today’s Drive By Review, “A Tragedy: The Short Story of Fox and Tango” by C. Desert Rose.

TragedyA Tragedy: The Short Story of Fox and Tango


C. Desert Rose

Free on Smashwordsdiv64wy


Hot and heavy declarations of love. Color coded separation of M&M’s. Sprinkles of sarcasm here and there. A typical day in the romance of Fox and Tango. When disaster rips Tango from her arms will she survive the ocean of her emotional torment or will Fox drown in the waves of tragedy?


My Thoughts:

With a blurb such as that and a book cover that said little to nothing about the contents of the story—except perhaps for the M&Ms reference—I simply had to pick up this book. Out of intrigue, if not for any other reason.

The fact is that this would not be a book which I would normally be attracted to. However, there was this underlined mystery that sort of caught my attention and pulled at my consciousness, telling me that I should give it a read.

Perhaps it was the title, more than anything, that spoke to me. Also the fact that this is a short story. With a title, cover and blurb such as the ones that this story have, I simply could not comprehend how the story could be told in such a short amount of time. It seemed too complex, and in knowing C. Desert Rose’s style, I knew that her stories are naturally rich in content.

I’d finished reading the book in about 10 minutes, and to my shock and delight, I was ravished with it.

“A Tragedy: The Short Story of Fox and Tango” relates the love affair of a teenaged girl, by the name of Felicia (Fox for short) and young man, Tyler. Tango, being his nickname. They are very much in love. Tango is spellbound by Fox’s feminine wiles, also more than a  little bit smitten by her take charge temperament.

Suddenly, something completely unexpected happens which sends their world tumbling down. Fox thinks she’s losing her mind, but is she really?Let’s just say that you’ll have to find out for yourself.

I was pleasantly taken by surprise at the methodology in this story. In a matter of just a few pages the author managed to tell an intense and intriguing story, with a plot twist that isn’t expected. For a genre that I would not normally read, I am happy to announce that I enjoyed this story and would recommend it to the lovers of dark romance dramas.

My score is 4.5 stars. The only reason that this story isn’t getting the full 5 stars is because I felt as thought it may have needed a little more backstory to balance out the plethora of richness that was the plot.

4.5 stars

Drive By Reviews: Taint on Religion

Hello Dear Followers,

Today I will be taking an in depth look at “Taint on Religion” by Queen of Spades.


Taint on Religion


Queen of Spades

Free on Smashwords



Natasha was taught three things: to love God, to love herself and to always go to church. When a sea of tragedy strikes in her youth, she strays from the path of God. Realizing the error of her ways, she seeks redemption in her adult years. Reverend Jamison and his church looks to be the answer to her prayers. Yet when things in the dark come to the light, Natasha is faced with a tough decision. Does she stay silent with her discovery or does she dare put a taint on religion?


My Thoughts:

There are so many things that I want to say about this story. It has an incredible amount of layers which makes this story incredibly intense.

The plot automatically pulled me in with it’s irrevocably enticing storyline. You have a girl—Natasha—that has had a hard life but was bought up with strong morals and absolute faith. At one point in her life she veers from that which she was indoctrinated and things become unbearable, somehow leading her back.

Having made the decision to return to the path of righteousness Natasha comes across Rev Jamison’s church. Immediately the subservient Reverend takes notice in Natasha and opts to help her on a one on one basis in the walk of the Lord.

In all accounts, I have to say that I was stricken with awe. It was not necessarily because it was an exceptionally written book (which it was) but because of the conjunction to human emotion. This story examines the imperfection that is the human condition and the fact that most people, at their core, are flawed no matter how “religious” they are.

I could not help but sit in unmitigated self-consideration after having finished this story. I pondered on what it would be like to be Natasha. I also speculated as to how I would act in her situation. In so doing I realized that I might not have done things any differently than she, and that society would possibly treat me just as they did Natasha. This is a sad thing to come to terms with because one sometimes wants to believe that people are good, yet how many times do we find out that that is not always the case.

Life is hard, people are complex, but when things run a muck is refuge found in the solace that religion brings, or is it best to find strength in your own abilities? These are the things that “Taint on Religion” brings to the forefront for your independent consideration.

Without a doubt, a book of self-reflection and a call to reality.

Suffice it to say that “Taint on Religion” is a book that many should be reading. It can, without question, teach us all something.

5 Stars!


Drive By Review: Diary of a Love Struck Gay Teen

Hello Followers! I hope and pray that all is well with each and every one of you. Today I’d like to bring you another Drive By Review of a book called “Diary of a Love Struck Gay Teen” written by one Mr. Boinelo Direko.


Diary of a Love Struck Gay Teen


Bionelo Direko

Free at Smashwords

I found the premise of this book highly intriguing and so I opted to give it a shot.

Here is the Blurb:

Take a journey of heartache, passion, and lust through the eyes of a teenager. Explore what it really means to be gay, out of the closet, and struck by Cupid’s arrow.


What really caught my attention about this piece was the following:

The author is a fun, young 17 year old high school student. He is living in a relatively small town called Thaba’Nchu in Free State, South Africa. The author enjoys reading and hanging out with friends in his spare time.


I thought to myself, this is going to be a very interesting read for many reasons:

  1. It was written by a relatively young person.
  2. I have no idea what challenges the Gay Community faces in South Africa, if any. I would be incredibly eye opening to see life through their eyes.
  3. I surmised that the fact that this book is written in “Diary” style would make for a very eye opening, in depth look at what life is like for a gay teen in a country that I know little about.
  4. I know, first hand, the innumerable obstacles of being a gay teenager and I was interested in seeing how the author portrayed his struggle.

Let me assure you that I wasn’t completely wrong.

This book is written in the form of personal journal entries of a gay teenager whom is enraptured by another boy. Names are never mentioned, but rather the author refers to himself personally, and to the other boy in pronouns.

I could see and feel the conflict as it pertained to the main character’s desire for this other boy, and how he knew that the love he yearned for was unattainable, let alone reciprocated.

I suppose the only thing that I had any difficulty with was the very last entry. It completely threw me off. He went from being totally enamored with this other boy, to a sudden burst of anger.

Truthfully, for a 17 year old author, I think he did a good job. However, in the attempt to help a young author grow, I would like to offer some suggestions.

  1. Perhaps using proper English as opposed to slang would be best for the reading audience as not everyone knows slang.
  2. Also, tiding up the interior of the story so as to give it an overall polished and professional look would be great.
  3. I believe that a small “Introduction”would have been an enormous tool in assisting the reading audience in keeping up with the occurrences. Perhaps even a small introduction prior to each entry. Like, a day and time, or a small description to what things happened that day which led to that independent entry.
  4. Try being a little more colorful with your language usage by possibly replacing some foul language with other descriptive words. While foul language in a written work isn’t  a no-no, per se, sometimes readers prefer a richer vocabulary.

Apart from those things, I enjoyed this book. My actually rating is 3.5 stars. However, on Smashwords I will round it off to 3 stars since it’s not quite a 4.


Drive By Review: Somebody to Love by Maille Mercury

Hello and Welcome to Drive By Reviews by Adonis Mann.

Today I would like to bring you “Somebody to Love” by Maille Mercury, which is available for free on Smashwords.

STLSomebody to Love


Maille Mercury



A short story about two girls who fall in love over a song.

A girl named Ella sits in a cafe waiting for the love of her life. Another girl comes and sits with her. They talk about their love of Queen. Later, the two girls go to Freddie Mercury’s shrine and share a kiss.

div64wyMy Review:

This book was definitely something. So much in fact, that it left me with practically nothing to say. Well, at least nothing very good to say.

Perhaps this is an Adonis thing; I don’t particularly like to give “bad reviews” (by definition) but prefer to make them practical and informative. Nevertheless, sometimes giving a bad rating is inevitable.

The difference being that the review is what you say about the work and the rating is how you score the work.

With all of that being said, I promise to be as informative as possible in my thoughts of this book.

This story is extremely short and relates the tale of how two women fall in love with each other because of a song. While the blurb indicated that they fall in love “over” a song, that is incorrect. In actuality it is because of a song. What song? “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

All right, that’s the premise. Now, I will try my best to give the reasons why I was not all too enamored with this story without giving away any spoilers. Once again, I said I will try. That is not a promise.

  • The story is narrated in first person, present tense, and that would have been fine had it not been for too many tense shifts in two pages worth of material. That is how long this story is—which is also fine. However, when you cannot keep tense consistent in 1000 words, then there is a problem.
  • Everything that happened not only transpired unrealistically fast, but it was all laid out way too conveniently. Suffice it to say that there was no actual conflict in the story. This, at times led me to believe that perhaps the story was a daydream. While I realize that this is a work of fiction, the fictional parts of the story were altogether unbelievable.
  • I’m not understanding why a hat equals “gay/lesbian”. You’ll see what I mean when you read the story.
  • The writing style screamed “teenager”. This too would be fine if the author were actually a teenager, but I could not say for certain.

For all of these reason, and some others that I will not mention I was unable to enjoy “Someone to Love”. That is an unfortunate shame.

One Star. 😦

1-star-ratingThank you for looking at Drive By Review with Adonis Mann. Until next time dear followers.


Drive By Review of “When Summer Lingers” by Queen of Spades

Drive By Review of “When Summer Lingers” by Queen of Spades




It’s that time again. Mr. Adonis Mann brings you a “Drive By Review”. Today, I’ll be looking at “When Summer Lingers” by one Ms. Queen of Spades.


When Summer Lingers


Queen of Spades

Available on Smashwords for FREE


Before I go into the details and lay out my thoughts on this story, I want to take a moment to address the cover.

I cannot say for sure what it is about this cover that really draws me in. I have got to admit that I’m sort of the type that leans more towards mainstream covers with people on them. Yet this one is far from that and it still captures my attention. Perhaps it is the color scheme: yellow, blue and green. Whatever the case, I really do like this cover. Thumbs up on that.

thumbs up

Now, about the story.

When Summer Lingers” is the story about Dahna and Carr, two young adults whom consequently met while Dahna was painting her nails on her favorite bench. The story relates that she had gone to her favorite store, to pick out her “seasonal colors” then went back to her favorite place, to paint her nails in her favorite way. She preferred to not be bothered by people whilst she exercised her routine. In come Carr, blocking her sun light and pointing out a faux pas. It was that instant that a beautiful friendship was born.

That’s it. I’ll stop there. I don’t want to ruin the story.

What I loved the most about this story was the symbolism. We love, we fight, we survive, we lose, and we go on. Such are the vicissitudes of life. Change is inevitable, acceptance of that change is of great importance. This does not mean that we forget our past, but utilize that to move into the future.

This is a beautifully narrated short story, presented in a nonchalant and straightforward form. Exquisitely told in a down to earth sort of way that everyone who is anyone can connect to. You don’t have to be a literary scholar, nor do you have to be a middle-schooler, you simply have to be human to understand the depth of this tale.

I am giving this handsomely written story 5 Donny Stars!

Well done Queen of Spade. I am, hence forth, officially a true fan.


Until Next Time Folks,