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Hello and welcome! Today we are celebrating the official Book Release of “Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet” by me, Adonis Mann and Synful Desire, as well as “H.E.R.: Handy Extended Release” by Synful Desire.


donny posterBlurb:

When love simmers sweet and passion simmers smooth, rhapsody is efficacious rapture.

Tommy and Spencer were meant for each other, that is, until a serendipitous encounter proves to be an enormous revelation. Will Luke, Tommy’s childhood friend, serve to change the tide?

Kesha has finally told Teresa about her feelings. The only drawback is Teresa’s engagement to Chris. Will Kesha bask in the bliss that only Teresa can bring, or will Chris get in the way?

Come feel the ardent emotions which steam under a silky surface with Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet .

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Blurb:poster2 draft HER

Never underestimate the steam of a hot caffeinated beverage infused

with the flavor of imagination. Wake up your senses while savoring “Kona”.

A simple ad gives a curious skeptic a lot more than he was bargaining for. Check out the hair-raising experience while combing through “Tresses”.

Darbi has her share of bad luck. She is unexpectedly in job purgatory and has no chance of ever getting a promotion. Her online dating profile sat months without any responses. Why should she continue?

As she signed on to delete everything entirely, three responses catch her eye. All are different but each has something about them which makes Darbi want to meet all three. Ade appears to be the guy next door. Boyde looks like a supermodel. Choise looks like the rugged type.

When all is not what it seems, Darbi has concluded that her love life is mating with her job status in purgatory. Will anything come in handy to turn her luck around?

This version of “Handy” includes an epilogue, as well as Darbi speak.

Erotic, Experimental, and Entertaining—All come in Handy when experiencing a Good Release.

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2 Way Interview Featuring Synful Desire

Greetings and good day my beloved readers. 🙂

Today I bring you a very special event.

It is not an every day thing that I participate in a 2 Way Interview, however, Author Synful Desire and I opted to interview each other. The outcome was great. We had so much fun. Now, for your entertainment, please enjoy this 2 Way Interview between Author Synful Desire and I (Adonis Mann).



I Asked Synful Desire

1. In the past you’ve mentioned that the one genre you would never attempt to write in would be Sci-Fi. Since then, have things changed, if so in which way? Please expand on your answer.

When I think of Sci-Fi, the first thing that comes into my mind is a lot of excessive technobabble and concepts that are more “male” friendly than female friendly if you get what I mean. Those components, to make them believable, require the proper research. Truth be told, I rely more on my experiences than extensive research, which was why in the past I said that I could not see myself writing in that particular genre.

In my recent submission in the upcoming anthology “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality” called Return to Hues, the main character, to some, has the makings of an alien. Yet, in my mind, I don’t see it as a sci-fi story, because there’s no technobabble, the world isn’t coming to an end: it’s about being different and deciding whether adaptation really serves to fuel vitality.

2. Given the opportunity to have one of your works turned into a movie, which would it be and why?

There are so many that I can picture this for, but if I had to choose just one, it would have to be “Handy”.

“Handy” has all of the things a modern day female is looking for–not being ashamed of her sexuality, trying to assert herself in the dating world, and the realistic bumps that occur along the way. Plus the twist at the end isn’t bad either. I just feel like it’s a story that not just women can relate to but the men who have been on the short end of the stick can identify with as well.

3. Apart from our collaborative work with me in “Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet”, which in all relevant terms is an anthology, would you ever consider writing a collaborative work with an author that is not an anthology? If so, which author would that be and why?

Definitely C. Desert Rose. She and I both are advocates of romance and some bittersweet drama, so it would be great to see how our styles would mesh together. We first started talking about a collaboration earlier this year but we got busy with our other projects. I haven’t forgotten, so we will just have to see what happens.

4. Out of your own works which is your favorite and why? Also, could you please share an excerpt of this work?

Seven Days of Stimuli, most definitely, which is a short story I wrote that was included in “Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink Book 1”. Here is an excerpt:

Seven Days of Stimuli



10:37 PM

I wasn’t supposed to be here tonight. Tonight is the night I pick out a pint of ice cream and select a chic flick by random. I had decided the ideal choice was Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and the ideal movie was Jerry Maguire.

Unfortunately, my boss Melinda had different plans. Jaycee had a “last minute emergency” … if one could call having sex with her boyfriend every chance one got an emergency. I personally would prefer Jaycee doing it on her off days, or any time before or after her eight hour shift. Yet, I don’t think it would be a good idea to say that to Melinda. First, whistle blowing—never a good look. Second, and more importantly, I don’t think Melinda would believe me anyway.

So, when Melinda called me and asked, “Hey Bette, how’d ya like to get some extra hours?”, I figured the green decadence and Tom Cruise could wait until next Saturday.

The perk of working for an establishment open twenty four hours is there are times when it is completely dead. The employee can actually count items and stock shelves without a person walking up to her and asking, “What aisle may I find the sodas?” while standing in the very aisle where the sign says “Sodas”. Are people really too lazy to read, or just like being pains in the asses? In addition, a worker doesn’t have to drown out the sound of crying babies or arguing couples, nor wince inwardly when a round of horseplay leads to gargantuan pickle jars shattering on the floor. That stench lingers for hours!

Just as I completed the new planogram for the Peter Pan peanut butter, I heard the ding of a bell, followed by the sliding of the automatic doors. At first, I thought nothing of it, then I heard giggles reverberate in the air.

Slight panic hit when the cashier’s greeting was not heard. I looked at my watch, then peered around the corner.

Shit, Courtney left post without telling anyone … again!

“Oh well, guess I’ll wait until these folks leave.” I muttered to myself before opening up my cashier lane.

Normally, I wasn’t the type to ogle at anyone, yet this customer was different. His wayward, oak brown hair was filled with random streaks of grey and the curls slightly bounced with each step he took. Although he wore a black dress shirt with matching slacks, I could see the outline of his bulging biceps.

What would those biceps feel like? Would they be slightly soft or unmistakably hard?

Soon, the saltiness of blood blended in with my saliva. Not only had I nibbled on my bottom lip but I did it just enough to draw blood. I withdrew some tissues from my pants’ pocket and dabbed away the drops.

What was taking Courtney so long? Being up at the front was starting to make me uneasy. Also, impatience started to set in. How long would he and his buddy be in the store, looking at everything but wanting nothing?

God must have heard my lamentations. The conversation the hot guy was having with his friend soon became discernible, indicating they were approaching the checkout area.

Synful Desire Asked Me

1. When did you know that you wanted to expand beyond writing for the LGBT community?

I actually did not know, it just sort of happened. One day I was at the barbershop and while there, got a sudden rush of inspiration. Instantly, I pulled out my Smartphone and started writing what was on my heart at the time. Eventually, that story morphed into my piece for the upcoming installment of Concordant Vibrancy. As things turn out, it was not LGBT in nature but a contemporary fiction about a man trying to rediscover his place in the world.

2. In the past, you have described your writing being tailored to the sapiosexual. Since you’ve branched into other genres of writing do you find that to still be true? Why or why not?

Yes, I do find that theory to be relevant. As a matter of fact, no matter how much I curb my desire to write something less verbally appealing, I always return to it. I’ve come to the conclusion that one cannot change what is etched in one’s soul. Therefore, no matter how “down to earth” my prose might be, there will always be the underlined air of sapiosexuality.

3. Which story (published or unpublished) took you well out of your comfort zone? Explain why and how you are feeling about it.

There was one story that I started writing at the beginning of this year. It was in all intended purposes, an Urban LGBT Erotic Fiction work. That story in particular took me completely out of my comfort zone because I felt as though I was unable to relate to the characters. You see, like any good writer, I believe that one should be able to some how connect to one’s characters so as to deliver a believable story and a solid premise. However, it was really hard for me to do that with said work, which brought forth the thought of “Why did I think of it in the first place?”

My Mentor advised me to not toss the work or give up on it as she thinks that it is the start of a wonderful tale. Therefore, I’ve held onto it with the intentions of returning to that work and completing it.

4. Please share an excerpt of the story that you find is your personal favorite.

Oh, certainly.

Following is an excerpt from my short story contribution to “Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink Book 1” called “Mystical Nights“.

Mystical Nights

She only came to me at night. Like an abysmal dark silhouette against a moderately dark pavement which glistened with the scarce light of the moon. Her presence was undeniable. I liked it that way. It kept the mystery, and in turn, my interest.

A gust of wind caused the white, sheer curtain on the only window in my room to dance. The light from the new moon permeated the room causing blue-gray rays to cross its expanse. Yet, there she was. A phantom. A phantasm of desire and wantonness. Real and surreal. A combination, though inexplicable, also intoxicating. The way she swayed her hips. The way she used her hands to lift the thick tresses of her hair just enough to allow her figure to come into focus. Black against pale gray. The rhythm of her movement seemed natural yet mystical. A temptress, a jezebel.

Oh, how I longed to feel her against me!

Only at night. The light of day had not blessed me with the sight of her. The sun, had yet to shine its splendor on her enchantment. Even still, I remained captivated by the incarceration that just she could furnish. I was a fool, yes. A grand nitwit for allowing her to seduce me this way. Nevertheless, I gave in happily—delighted with her snare. I wanted to be her pet. I wanted her to be my master.

A few scant things were barely visible in the sparse lighting. The bows of a bikini top and bottom at the bridges of her shoulders, as well as the curves of her hips. The heavy waves of her hair that fell like streams down her sides and back. That was it. Yet, it was always enough.

“Michael,” she whispered. Her voice like a mellow breeze on a fine spring night. “Touch me.”

Her wish was my command. Getting to my feet, I walked slowly to her wafting shadow and wrapped my hands around her waist, content to dance to the beat of her silent drum.

“More…!” she demanded. “Touch me here.” Then she took my hands, tracing her shape slowly, she placed them on her breasts. The firm and tender mounds melded to the imprints of my fingers as I massaged them.

“Yes…” she moaned.

“Why haven’t you told me your name yet?” I asked, just as I had hundreds of times before.

She never rose her voice more than a whisper, and I was certain that this was a mind game, a murmuring of lust traced with sensual innuendo. Still, I basked in its indulgence. “My name isn’t important. But … this is.” With those two final words she grabbed my manhood and stroked it with command.

It was hers, I was hers. That’s the way I liked it.



Well, I pray you enjoyed this 2 Way Interview. Please be on the look out for Synful Desire and I’s upcoming joint release, “H.E.R.: Handy Extended Release” and “Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet”.


Full Book Trailer — Simmer: Smoothe & Sweet by Adonis Mann and Synful Desire from All Authors PnP on Vimeo.

H.E.R. Handy: Extended Release by Synful Desire from All Authors PnP on Vimeo.